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Easy Ways to Make Your Refrigerator Smell Better | Refrigerator Repair In Brooklyn and Queens | Staten Island Refrigerator and Freezer Repair

Refrigerator Service Repair - Brooklyn - Queens - Staten Island - NYC

June 28, 2020

Easy Ways to Make Your Refrigerator Smell Better

Need help making your fridge smell good again? You’re at the right place. Most of the time, cleaning your refrigerator thoroughly is enough to make it smell better. But it may be an intimidating task for those who’ve not done this before. Such people can consider hiring a refrigerator repair expert to get rid all their refrigerator problems once and for all. However, finding a credible and fully licensed appliance repair expert may be a little unnerving, thanks to big rivalry out there. Always look for a well experienced repair service provider, whether you need refrigerator repair in Brooklyn, oven repair in Queens, stove repair in Bay Ridge, dishwasher repair in Sunset Park, range repair in Astoria, or washer and dryer repair in Williamsburg.

There’s no use to work with inexperienced people, as they will do nothing but rub salt into the wound.  If you live in Brooklyn, New York or Staten Island, be sure to mention your area to get more accurate results in the search engines. While looking for an appliance repair expert in any of the above-mentioned areas, try to use the following search queries: Appliance Repair in Brooklyn, LG authorized repair near me, washer machine in Rockaway, dryer repair in Manhattan Beach or something like this. Although most search engines bring you results relevant to your location, mentioning your area next to your search queries may be help to you in getting desired results.

How to Make Your Refrigerator Smell Good Again

Deodorize your refrigerator

Adding a shallow bowl of fresh ground coffee to your refrigerator will go a long way toward freshening your stinky freezer.  Leave it there for a few days until the odor disappears. Used coffee grounds may also be used to give your fridge a refreshing touch.

Remove Odor with Oatmeal

Don’t like the idea of using baking soda and want to make your fridge smell good fast? Try oatmeal. Take an open container of oats and put it in the fridge to neutralize odors. This will work fast in comparison to other methods mentioned here.

Eliminate order with vanilla extract

Vanilla extract will also do a great job making your freezer odor-free. Take a shallow bowl slightly filled with vanilla extra and set it in the freezer to let it do the magic. A bottle cap may also be used instead of a shallow bowl.

Get rid of stinky fridge with vinegar

Add some vinegar to a paper towel or a washcloth, and put it in a shallow bowl in the back of a freezer. You may also replenish it if it dries out. Vinegar will help neutralize your fridge odors and make it smell amazing.

Citrus fruits for stinky fridge

Hollow out an orange or grapefruit and fill it with salt and set it in the back of your refrigerator. Wait until the salt becomes moist, and then throw it out. Salt draws out amazing citrus smell.

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