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If you are a person that likes to cook in New York, the oven is likely one of the things that you use the most in your kitchen. It is also one of those things that is taken for granted until you start having problems with it. Amazingly, many people recognize that their oven no longer cooks their food as evenly as it used to. However, they don’t call a repair man to come out and repair it because it still gets the food cooked. The problem with this type of thinking is that if there is something wrong with your oven and you continue to use it, you may be damaging your oven each time you use it, causing the repair to be more expensive than it would have been if you would have had it repaired when you first noticed the problem.

Dial Appliance Service has been repairing appliances in the greater New York area since 1992. Our highly trained and knowledgeable staff can answer any of your appliance repair questions quickly and accurately. If you are unsure if your oven is working properly or not, just give us a call at 718-365-1512 or toll free at 800-229-8132 and we will be glad to help you determine if you need to make an appointment for one of our highly trained appliance repair specialists to make a visit to your house to check out your oven.

Inventory and Stock

One advantage of most of the parts of an oven being small is that we stock most of the parts we might need to make the repair in our service vehicle that we drive to your house. This allows us to make the repair immediately without having to make a second trip and delaying the repair. In the unfortunate event that we don’t have the part in our service vehicle, there is no need to worry about having to pay for a second trip out to your house. We will not charge you for the second trip; after all, it is not your fault that we do not have the part stocked on our service vehicle.

Over Two Decades of Experience

Dial Appliance Service is a family owned and operated business that has been providing appliance repair service to the greater New York area since 1992. Our technicians are all professionally trained and certified so that when they perform a repair on your oven or other appliance, it will be done properly. We use only factory certified parts, which is why we provide a 90-day warranty for all parts and service, when the normal warranty timeframe for appliance parts and service is 30 days.

We can be reached at 718-365-1512. Our highly trained staff will be able to answer your questions about your appliances, and make sure that your appointment gets scheduled as quickly as possible. Our technicians will treat your professionally and make sure understand what is causing the problem with your oven. Our goal is to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the repair, so you really have nothing to lose. Call us today!!

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