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Microwave Maintenance And Repair Tips In Brooklyn – Queens – Staten Island

Microwave and Conventional Cooking

Microwaves are a modern convenience that can be found in most households. Some people would even consider buying a microwave more important that buying a stove when furnishing an empty house. The convenience and speed that a microwave heats and cooks’ food is a luxury that many people take advantage of. In fact, now days, it is possible to cook complete meals by using only a microwave.

Some people don’t just consider a microwave a convenience, but they consider it a necessity. Whether you cook an entire meal using a microwave, or you are just using a microwave to boil water, everyday use of a microwave is common. Sometimes people rely on their microwaves so often that when it starts to take longer to heat their food, they continue to use the microwave. Unfortunately, by continuing to use the microwave instead of getting it repaired right away usually leads to more expensive repairs as the microwave continues to get damaged more each time it is used.

If your microwave is “on the fritz”, or not working properly, don’t keep using it and possibly causing the repair to increase in cost. Call us right away so we can get an appointment scheduled to troubleshoot and repair your microwave. We service the greater New York area, including Brooklyn, Staten Island and Queens. We know you are busy and need your microwave fixed as soon as possible, so call us today at 718-365-1512 so we can set up an appointment to get your microwave repaired and back into action.

Repair or Replace

If the microwave unit you are having problems with is an older unit, sometimes it will be cheaper to buy a new microwave rather than repairing your old microwave. Of course, this will depend on what exactly is wrong with your microwave. Our highly trained service technicians will be able to diagnose and provide you with a quote of the cost for the repair, so that you can decide, before the repair is performed, whether you prefer to buy a new one or repair your broken one.

Unfortunately, microwaves aren’t really designed to be repaired by do it yourselfers. A microwave is composed of many small and sensitive electrical components and sensors that require training and expertise to properly diagnose and repair. Technicians at Dial Appliance Service are trained and up to date with the latest technologies when it comes to microwaves, so they will be able to get the repair done right the first time.

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We are a family owned business that serves the greater New York area. When you need your microwave repaired, call us and you can expect professional service without any surprises. You will have a detailed price quote for the repair in your hand before we start the job, so that you can make the decision to repair your microwave or invest in a new one. Call us today at 800-229-8132 and let us get your microwave back into working order.

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