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Freezer Repair in NY

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Freezer Repair In Brooklyn – Queens – Staten Island

Low Temperature, Freezer Reliability

Keeping your freezer running at optimal efficiency and temperature is something you want to trust and definitely rely on. But there are times when it is necessary to pick up a phone and schedule a service call. That’s when Dial Appliance Services is ready to show up at your door and make your freezer or refrigerator running again. We serve clients in three major areas of New York City – Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.

We know the necessity of saving frozen food that you just purchased or an order was just deliver to you. Gaskets and hinges take a lot of wear and tear. A freezer with worn gasket will start to freeze and accumulate the frost on the liner very fast and a walk-in box that does not seal will lose its ability to maintain the proper temperature, which can cause health issues. In the home, the health risks from poor refrigeration increase as performance and energy saving decreases dramatically.

Troubleshooting and Repair

Here are some of the areas and freezer parts we are prepared to check, repair or replace:

Evaporator Coil
Thermostat or Cold Control
Condenser Fan Motor
Defrost Timer
Ice Maker
Light and Fan Switches
Condenser Coil
Drain Hose and Drip Pan
Doors Hinges
Light Bulb

Your freezer will be diagnosed, tested and disassembled as needed for full access to various systems and sections of the unit. This can mean removing shelves, trim and molding or service panels. Often, the unit we need to get to is sealed. We will test the power supply, main control board, wiring harness, all electrical components and check the doors alignment. Many times, improperly fitted gaskets or gaskets that over-dried, harden and cracked can cause a compressor to turn on and run constantly, wasting energy and wearing down the unit much faster. Misaligned or loose fitting doors can cause the same problems.

Factory Authorized Service

We are at your service with our team of highly professional, licensed and factory certified technicians who arrive at your business or residence in vehicles fully stocked with everything needed to get your refrigeration equipment and appliances back to top performance. We recognize the vital importance of freezer and refrigerator repair service to your family or business and respond to your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you need help with freezer repair in Brooklyn, Queens, or Staten Island, please get in touch with us today.