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Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you service for Appliance Repair?

Dial Appliance Service is proud to be the trusted Appliance Repair company in Brooklyn, NY. We serve the New York City area including Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and more. Call Us Today for more info on Appliance Repair Services!

Are your technicians full time employees with background checks or contractors?

All of the technicians we work with are fully licensed and insured. They have also gone through extensive background checks.

Is my appliance worth repairing?

In most cases it is going to be much more economical and eco-friendly to repair your appliance than it would be to replace it. Most issues with appliances can be fixed fairly inexpensively compared to what it would cost to replace the entire unit. Once repaired you can often get many more years of life out of the appliance, which makes it well worth the investment.

Repairing your appliance also helps to minimize the amount of non-biodegradable waste that goes into the landfills. As long as you are happy with the overall performance of your appliance while it is working properly, then repairing it is almost always going to be the right choice.

How much will it cost to recharge my refrigerator with Freon in NYC?

A refrigerator should never run out of Freon because it works in a closed system. If your refrigerator is low, it means you actually have a leak somewhere in the system, so adding more isn’t a solution. Instead, we will come out to identify where the leak is located and get it fixed before adding any more coolant. The exact price will depend on what type of refrigerator you have, and where the leak is located. Contact us for a free estimate.

My Washer or Dryer shakes a lot. The shaking is cause for concern regarding damage to the floor or walls. How can I fix this?

There are quite a few different things that can cause your washer or dryer to shake. Most commonly it is simply that you are putting too many clothes in a single load. If you find that the appliances shake even with small loads, we recommend using Kellet ShakeAway pads.

My washer has an unpleasant odor. What can I do?

If you have a high efficiency washer it is likely because of a build-up of detergent and dirt above the waterline. This is a common issue because this type of washer doesn’t use nearly as much water as the older models. The best way to eliminate this odor is to use an Affresh Washer Cleaning Tablet, which were designed to address this issue.

My oven door spring broke. How urgent is it to fix?

While it may seem like a minor issue, you don’t want to ignore it. If your oven door doesn’t close properly the oven will likely run much longer than it otherwise would. This can present dangers since the exhaust from an oven does not vent to a chimney. Having the gas cycle on and off is made possible because the oven heats to the desired temperature and then stops. This doesn’t happen if the door is cracked open.

Do I really have to clean the condenser on my refrigerator?

Yes. Refrigerator manufacturers typically recommend this be done at least once per year. Cleaning your condenser will help the unit to run more efficiently and can extend the life of the appliance quite significantly. Dial Appliance Services offers a regularly scheduled service program that includes condenser cleaning.

My clothes are taking way too long to dry, why is this?

This is commonly caused by a partially clogged dryer vent. The lint can restrict airflow, which prevents drying. This can also cause a fire hazard. Having your dryer vent professionally cleaned once per year is an excellent way to prevent these issues.

My oven door won’t open after running the self-cleaning feature. What is wrong?

This is a safety feature. The oven gets extremely hot during the self-cleaning cycle so most models automatically lock the oven door until it is safe to open. If after several hours you still can’t open the door, please contact us to have a service technician come out and inspect it.

Does bacteria survive wash cycles?

Yes, it absolutely can. To kill bacteria, you need to look at a number of factors including what type of detergent you are using, and the activation information. Many laundry soaps, for example, won’t activate in very cold water. In many parts of the country the normal water supply gets as low as 40 degrees in the winter, which will essentially make the laundry soap useless. Washing in warm water can solve this problem.

If you really need to kill bacteria, consider washing in hot water with special anti-bacterial soap designed for this very purpose. You can also run a cycle through with no clothes with bleach in the washer to help eliminate bacteria.

My range is making a clicking sound, even when it is not in use. What can I do?

Unplug your range immediately and turn off the gas supply right away. This clicking is often an electrical issue, and could be dangerous if there is a gas buildup. Disconnecting the range and calling a service professional is your best course of action.

What should I set my temperature for the refrigerator and freezer?

The refrigerator should be set between 36 and 38 degrees Fahrenheit. The freezer should go between 0 and 5 degrees. No matter the temperature outside in Brooklyn, your fridge should stay at a consistent cool temperature. If your refrigerator is not consistently cool, please call Dial Appliance Service in Brooklyn, NY for repair.