New York Refrigerator Repair

Learn about refrigerator repair & installation service in Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.

New York Refrigerator Repair

New York Refrigerator Repair - Appliance Repair Services NYC - Brooklyn - Staten Island - Queens

If you are having issues with your refrigerator or freezer and live in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island or other areas in New York, we are here to help. Dial Appliance Service has been helping provide the best refrigerator repair and service for years, and we would love to help you too. Whether your refrigerator has stopped working completely or it is just making a funny noise, we will come out, diagnose the issue and get it fixed properly.

We know that when a refrigerator is not working right it puts potentially hundreds of dollars’ worth of food at risk, not to mention the incredible inconvenience. With this in mind, our repair team always puts refrigerator repairs in New York at the top of our list. We’ll come right out to your location and get your refrigerator working again quickly and affordably.

Warranty Repairs

We are a factory authorized service center for all the major brands, which means we can work on appliances that are still under warranty. If your refrigerator is still under the factory warranty and is having trouble, give us a call right away. We’ll come out, complete the repair, and work with the manufacturer for the billing so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Of course, we also do work on appliances that are out of warranty. We’ll work with you to find the best solution at the best prices for your specific situation. Our team of repair technicians can provide advice on whether it is best to repair the refrigerator or have it replaced.

Best Service Warranty in the Business

Most appliance repair companies in New York only offer a 30-day guarantee on the parts and labor they offer. Here at Dial Appliance Service, however, we offer a fully 90-day warranty. This is because we use only OEM factory parts, which are installed by our team of technicians that have years of training and experience. We guarantee that you will be happy with our services, and your refrigerator will be in good working order long into the future.

Freon Sealed Systems & Other Refrigerants

Our technicians are certified to work with all types of refrigerants. Many people find that their refrigerator is not actually broken, but it is just low on Freon or another coolant. When that is the case, we can come out and check for potential leaks in the system, and add more coolant to ensure it can keep your food cold. This is a surprisingly affordable way to add years of life to your refrigerator or freezer.

Another important thing to point out regarding these systems is that we don’t perform sweep charges. Sweep charges are commonly used by other companies because they essentially put a ‘band aid’ on the coolant problem. It usually lasts about as long as the warranty they provide, and then fails again. Instead, we offer full condenser cleanings and proper repairs of issues to ensure you will get the repair you need now and in the future.

Contact Us

If you are interested in learning more about refrigerator repair in New York, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can be reached by dialing 718-368-1512 and we’ll be happy to make an appointment to come out, to answer your questions, or to dispatch someone to your location right away depending on your specific needs.

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