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Residential and Commercial Ranges

The modern kitchen has led to an incredible number of appliances that are being produced to meet the needs of today’s kitchens. The stove, or range, is one of the appliances that are found in almost every kitchen. There are many different styles and features, including ranges that use gas as the source of heat, and electric that uses electricity to produce heat. Regardless of whether your range is gas or electric, there is an abundance of features and options that are available for the different models of ranges.

This large selection of ranges is good for the consumer as they can pretty much find the perfect range with the exact features they want. However, as with many appliances, the more features that a range has, the more possibility that problems may arise with your oven. Today’s technology is much improved and so the chance of having issues with your range is less likely than it was years ago. However, when there is problem with your range, the best way to fix it is to call a professional.

Here at Dial Appliance Service, we have been repairing all brands of appliances for over 2 decades. We are a family run operation that provides service to Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Queens. Our technicians are professionally trained to ensure that no matter what the problem is with your range, they will be able to repair it and get it back to normal in no time.

Basic Troubleshooting

Although most range repairs are something that should be taken care of by a professional, there are some simple repairs that can be done by do-it-yourselfers. If your electric range has a burner or two that are not heating up, it may just be a matter of reseating the burner. The connection may have loosened a bit and reseating the burner may solve your problem.

Another issue that you may experience with your electric range is that none of your burners heat up. If this is the case, you should check your breakers and make sure that none of them are tripped. If your breakers are fine, then investigate the power cord of your range to make sure it is completely plugged in and that the cord is in good condition. If the cord is cracked or otherwise in poor condition, then you should replace with a new cord that can be ordered online, or possibly purchased at a local hardware store.

Dial Appliance Service Is Here to Help

If you are having problems with your gas or electric range and you are unable to figure out what the problem is, then you should call us today so we can get your range repaired for you. We can be reached at 718-365-1512 at any time because we know that appliances don’t always fail during the week. Whether it is after hours or the weekend, we have technicians standing by so they can dispatch to your house and repair your gas or electric range as soon as possible

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