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New York Microwave Repair - Appliance Repair Services NYC - Brooklyn - Staten Island - Queens

Microwave and Conventional Cooking

Most New Your residents recognize that preparing meals at home is a lot healthier and cost efficient than take out or eat out. For many area households, however, home-cooked meals would not be possible without the speed and simplicity of microwave cooking. It is a convenience most of us take for granted – until their microwave begins acting up. Moreover, many households are so addicted to their microwave ovens that they will continue trying to use a malfunctioning appliance. This is a very bad idea that increases the chances of damaging it beyond repair and could even expose you and your loved ones to the risks of microwaves leakage, electrocution or fire. If your home has a broken microwave oven, unplug it immediately and call Dial Appliance Service, the primary choice for quality appliance repair in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island.

Repair vs. Buying New Unit

While it might just be a smart idea to discard and replace some older microwave types once they no longer work right, most of the models currently being sold in stores are definitely make sense to repair. With few exceptions, Dial Appliance Service will be able to get your unit fixed for a fraction of the cost of a new one. Microwaves are potentially dangerous machines that contain a lot of delicate electronics, please do not attempt to take your unit apart yourself unless you have the expertise, same knowledge or factory training. Our repair team include several microwave repair experts who have worked on all makes and models of countertop, built-in, and over range microwave ovens by Frigidaire, Whirlpool, Thermador, Viking, Kitchen Aid, Bosch, GE, Kenmore, LG, and other major manufacturers. If you need microwave repair service in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island, all you have to do is contact Dial Appliance Service today and we will get the problem solved fast, get it fixed right, and get it fixed at a cost you can afford.

When Help Needed

Here are some common microwave repair problems that Dial Appliance can help you with:

Microwave begins smoking or sparking (unplug immediately!)
Food not heating properly
Broken timer or control
Loud buzzing or other strange sounds
Turntable won't rotate
Broken digital display or touch pad
Power, temperature, clock settings not adjusting properly
Internal light blown out
Door won't open or unhinged

The sooner you call Dial Appliance, the sooner your microwave will be functioning normally again. We always provide detailed estimate before we start any job, and will only charge for those repair services agreed to in advance. We are an independent and locally-based small business that is fast becoming the top choice in appliance repair services for a growing number of New York families and business owners. If you need microwave repair services in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island, Dial Appliance the first and only call you need to make. Keep in mind that you can also request an service appointment via our website if it is more convenient for you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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