Dial Appliance Customer Satisfaction & Warranty

Learn more about our Customer Satisfaction & Warranty.

Dial Appliance Customer Satisfaction & Warranty:

Here at Dial Appliance Service we have been helping people get the best service on their appliances for years. Over that time we have earned a 94% non-recall rating, which means that in the vast majority of cases the repairs or other services we provide work perfectly. In those rare cases when something further does go wrong, we come right out and take care of it for you at no extra charge.

Dial Appliance Satisfaction Guaranteed

No matter when or where your appliance was purchased, we can work on it and help ensure that it is back in proper working order. We offer a fully warranty on the parts and labor that we perform including:

  • Genuine Manufacturers Parts
  • 1-Year Limited Part Warranty
  • 90-Day Labor Warranty
  • 90-Day Parts Warranty

On top of this, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee that covers the repair technicians and the work we do. If you have any questions about this warranty, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 718-368-1512 to speak with us. We’ll be happy to explain what is covered and what you can do in the event that something goes wrong (which is exceedingly rare).

Warranty Details

If our repair technician comes out and replaces a part in one of your appliances, the part is guaranteed to function properly. In the event that the part listed on the service invoice we provide fails within 90 days of service (due to normal use of the part), we will send a technician out to replace it free of charge. The appliance must still be owned by the person who originally had us come out for the repair. The warranty only covers the replacement parts and their installation on the appliance. If there are any other fees such as additional parts, installation fees, or home call fees those may still apply.

Coupons or Discounts

We occasionally offer online specials, discounts, coupons or other promotional rates through select business partners. These discounts are only valid during normal working hours. They must also be presented before the repair job has begun. Coupons or discounts cannot be combined with any other specials or offers.

Job Rate Pricing

When pricing a repair or other service we follow the industry standard blue book pricing. This bases the total cost of a repair or other service on the specific type of appliance as well as the estimated difficult of the repair, which will include the trip to your location and potential return visits and diagnosis. All customers will be given an estimate on the price of the job before it is started.

Payment Options

We accept cash, credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover and America Express) and checks for all repair jobs. All services must be paid for at the time it is performed unless other arrangements have been made prior to our visit.

Re-Quoting a Repair

We do our best to provide accurate quotes on all jobs, but on a rare occasion we may not be able to fulfill a quote. This could be because the needed part is no longer available, the price changed, additional parts or materials are required or other factors.

Parts Orders

Dial Appliance Service has partnered with many local and national parts companies and distribution centers. We can almost always find any necessary parts to complete a repair, though it is sometimes necessary to make a special order for the proper part. In most cases special order parts will arrive within three to ten working days. The quote for your job includes standard shipping costs. Rushed orders can be arranged at an extra charge.


We require a deposit to cover the costs of any ordered parts and service calls. Due to policies with manufacturers and distributers, we cannot stop or cancel part orders.


If we are unable to complete a repair because a part is no longer available, or the appliance itself is beyond the possibility of repair, we will offer you a refund of your deposit minus the service call fees. Refunds will be issued within ten working days. If you need additional information about the warranty or other services, please contact us directly.