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Factory Authorized Service

We at Dial Appliance Service provide the best refrigerator repair service in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and part of Long Island. We work on nearly all brands, including Hi-End refrigerators that other companies won't work on. We understand that when your refrigerator isn't working, you're losing food. That's why we make refrigeration repair a priority.

If you live in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island or the surrounding areas and you need repair service on your refrigerator right away, please call us to schedule service appointment at 718-368-1512.

Best Warranty Policy In The Industry

While the industry standard warranty for home appliance repairs is only 30 days, Dial Appliance Service provides 90 days warranty on parts and labor. We only use OEM factory parts and employ only factory trained technicians to ensure you get the quality you paid for when you bought your refrigerator.

Freon Sealed System Specialists

If you're not sure if you need service, or you have questions about appliance repair in general, please check out our FAQ for answers to some common questions about refrigerator repair. In dealing with sealed system repairs, some companies prefer to use a quick-fix that we in the industry call a sweep charge. While these sweep charges are less labor intensive, they won't clean the system of contamination. In the long run, this contamination can damage and lock up a compressor, resulting in an even more significant and costly repair. As with most quick fixes, sweep charges don't hold long, and typically fail right around the time your warranty is up.

We at Dial Appliance Service don't perform sweep charges, as we want to get the refrigerator fixed right the first time. Better still, we recommend that you avoid sealed system problems altogether by having your condenser cleaned. Manufacturers recommend that a condenser be cleaned at least once a year.

Prompt service at low cost

When you call your local refrigeration service team from Dial Appliance, you don't have to worry about the risks that come with unprofessional work. We have the experience that you can't get from reading an article on the internet or a refrigerator repair manual. Our technicians have extended experience, and since we started, we've been dedicated to giving every customer reliable, fast service at low cost. We use only original certified refrigerator repair parts and tools, and we strive to help your refrigerator run faultlessly for years. In addition to working on standard refrigerators, we also perform service on side-by-side, french door, bottom freezer units, chest and upright freezers, and Hi-End refrigerators and ice makers.

Whether you need help with the defroster on your freezer or your interior fridge light, we can perform refrigerator repairs big or small. We even offer emergency services. Call Dial Appliance Service today for professional repairs in New York.

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