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Now days, dishwashers are a fairly common appliance found in most kitchens. Not only do they help you clean up after a big meal by making the washing of the dishes occur by simply pressing a button, but many models also offer a sanitizing mode which helps to sanitize the dishes being washed. The only necessities needed in the kitchen to have a dishwasher installed is a power source, a drain, and a space for the dishwasher to be installed.

There are many different companies that produce dishwashers, ranging from low cost models that perform basic functions, to higher end models that have a wide variety of features, as well different premium exteriors to choose from. Whether you own a budge model dishwasher, or a premium, top of the line dishwasher, at some point you will need to call an appliance repair company to service your dishwasher.

When it comes time to service your dishwasher, you should call Dial Appliance Service at 718-365-1512. We are a family owned company that has been serving the greater New York area since 1992. Our service technicians keep up to date with new models and features so that if you have a newer dishwasher that needs our attention, we will be to quickly and effectively repair your appliance.

If your Viking dishwasher broke, we can repair it for you! We have factory authorized parts and technicians in Brooklyn who are ready to serve you!

The Dishwashing Cycle

Although the modern dishwasher might have many different modes and features, its basic functions and design hasn’t changed much over the years. In order to get your dishes clean, the first thing the dishwasher must do is make a tight seal when the door is closed. Once that seal is made, the dishwasher heats the water up to a certain temperature, and then the dishwasher pump sprays the water and detergent onto the dishes. Once the dishwasher has washed the dishes thoroughly, the soapy water is then drained from the dishwasher and the dishes are then rinsed with clean water. After the rinse cycle is complete, the inside of the dishwasher is heated to help speed up the drying process.

Although many dishwashers have multiple modes and options, the basic components of each dishwasher is the same. If you happen to notice water leaking from your dishwasher, the first thing to check is the seal around the door. By inspecting the seal, you might find that it needs a little adjustment so it can make a tight seal. If a simple adjustment doesn’t fix the leak, then the seal may need to be replaced. If you feel comfortable with a DIY project such as this, then you should be able to find a replacement seal at your local hardware store, or even online at the manufacturers website.

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If you need a qualified professional to service your dishwasher in Bay Ridge, then look no further. Dial Appliance Service has been performing dishwasher repairs in the greater New York area since 1992. We are here to help diagnose and repair your dishwasher issues, so don’t hesitate, call us today at 800-229-8132. We can fix your dishwasher in Brooklyn or Queens or Staten Island!

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