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Whether you are operation a restaurant and require commercial range service or repair in order to keep up with customer's orders or just need someone to replace the thermostat on your household stove, we can have you having dinner again and enjoy your meal. After all, there is one thing everyone can agree on, it is that there is nothing quite like sitting down at the family table and have a delicious food. At Dial Appliance Service, we offer range repair in Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island of New York.

It can be pretty annoying when a problem occurred with your range. Fortunately, most ranges these days are fairly well made and allow you to easily troubleshoot and repair minor problems. But not all people have the time to take care of their own range. There are others who do not have the needed tools for this task either. If you're located in Brooklyn, Queens, or Staten Island and you need help with your range, please contact Dial Appliance Service today. Also, here are a few things for you to know, when you are dealing with your favorite kitchen device:

Troubleshooting, Diagnostic and Cooking Basics

The most troublesome situation is when none of the top burners work or when all of them lighting up, but only intermittently. If this is the case, you may have a defective wire or a tripped circuit breaker. You should check if any other electrical appliances are working when plugged into the same electric outlet you use for your range. If other things work, you could try again after making sure that your power cord is plugged in correctly. Otherwise, you could test the power cord and other connections. Sometimes, extension cords could also cause a problem. If your cord is old or worn-out, you may need to replace it.

Sometimes, all other burners work, except one. If this is the case, simply reinstalling the heating element of your electric range can help. If there's a specific problem like an element works only on high heat and won't work on lower settings, or works intermittently, you could try reseating the element again and also check the element connectors. For the gas ranges is very important to keep spark electrode clean and dry in order to produce good spark to ignite the flame on each of the burners.

In case your heating elements are not reaching their optimum temperature, you might experience voltage problems. Make sure you don't have any voltage fluctuations since this could damage electrical and electronic parts of your stove. Also remember that the electricity could cause harm, so take the necessary precautions while checking the line voltage.

If you're having problems with the range, like temperature issues, you may need to recalibrate the temperature of the oven. Please refer to the owner's manual how to calibrate the thermostat or the oven control. Sometimes, there may be an issue with the thermostat bulb or the oven temperature probe.

Now, if you have problems with the display, user manuals usually come with simple, detailed solutions. For example, when the oven light doesn't work, you may have to replace the bulb. You have to be especially careful with the selfcleaning function of your range. You have to make sure that the door is locked and there is no problem with the door switch or hinges. If the door opens when the selfcleaning option is on, it could easily burn your skin, because the temperature is extremely high at this cycle.

Common Problems and Issues

Here is some of the stove and range repairs that we perform:
• Top burner won't ignite or clicking constantly
• Replacing defective heating elements in cooktops and ovens
• Calibrating thermostats
• Replacing selector switches
• Puffing noise
• Burning odor
• Oven door handle problems
• Oven door not closing
• Servicing your door gasket
• Range becoming hot on the outside surfaces
• Oven clock, display, lights, dials, other features not working

Our oven technicians will do the following to correct the problem:
• Listen attentively to your needs and complains
• Repair your range quickly and efficiently using industry approved tool and testing equipment
• Have major repair parts and materials in the service vehicle
• Show you how to easily keep your appliance running smoothly and safely
• Leave the work area in your kitchen clean, like they found it

If you live in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island or the surrounding areas and you need repair service on your range, oven or cooktop right away, please call us to schedule service appointment at 718-368-1512.

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