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Cooktop Performance and Safety

Dial Appliance Service has over twenty years of cooktops repair, service and maintenance in NY, Brooklyn, all parts of Queens, Staten Island and Long Island. We service ALL brands of cooktops, stoves, ranges and ovens and have a reputation for some of the most experienced technicians in the industry. Our award-winning and factory trained repair technicians carry an wide-ranging inventory of the replacement parts that make any repair quick and easy. Our goal is to provide our customers in Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island with the supreme service and value.

Homeowners should perform a selected list of routine maintenance to keep their cooktops in safe and working condition, and ready for the troubleshooting and repair when needed:
� Keep all flammable items such as plastic utensils, paper towels, and cleaning supplies away from the your cooktop.!
� Buy and keep handy a small fire extinguisher that is proposed to put out grease and electrical fire.
� Keep your cooktop installation instruction and user manual in a safe place so it can be found it when needed, an envelope with a closeable flap put into an kitchen cabinet is a good choice. When you have a question, read the problem description and instructions in product's manual. The user manual usually has the most common problems and their most known solutions identified.
� Keep the cooktop as level on the counter top
� Electric heating elements can be tested by swapping them between similar sized elements and replaced relatively easily when they fail.
� On a regular basis inspect your fuses and/or circuit breaker at the main electrical panel to make sure it is working as it should be; manufacturers do suggest that homeowners flip breakers on and off now and then which helps clean the contacts in the circuit breakers.
� Locate the gas shut off valve behind your cooktop and the main gas shut off for your home.
� Regularly clean drip pans and grates to keep incidental fires from happening.
� For glass tops, use glass top cleaner to keep the cooktop clean and scratch free.

Cleaning and Matinenance

Keeping gas burners and electric heating elements clean is very important to achieve ultimate cooking performance and great look of your appliance. Here are few tips how to do it: Once the burners have completely cool down, remove them from the cook top area. Unplug electric burners from the terminal block of the main part of the stove or unscrew gas burner. Use a cleaning cloth and a mild dish soap and water to try to remove residue first. Because the burner cook off most food that comes into contact with them, a mild wipe down is often all that you need to do. Don't submerge the electrical portion of the burner in water.

If mild dish soap and water would not remove stuck or burnt food, try to make a baking soda and water substance to gently scrub residue off of the burner surfaces. Really tough stains may benefit from allowing the baking soda solution to sit on the burner for up to thirty minutes, before scrubbing. Be sure to rinse burners thoroughly. If your cooktop has removable drip pans, this is the right time to remove and clean them as well. Dump out any charred leftovers of food. Wipe them down and reinstall them before reinstalling the burners. Maintain the burners. For regular maintenance of electric coil burners, just wiped down the burners at the same time you wipe down the top of the cooktop. For gas burners, using a straight pin or an opened paper clip, carefully unclog each small port hole of the gas burner. If you have an older cook top with a standing pilot light, you'll need to shut off the gas valve or the thermostat before you begin cleaning.

When Service is Needed

When it comes to the appliance repair such as cooktop, which you use every day, your service professional should respond promptly to your request. A prompt repair request response usually leads to timely and efficient service. Last but not least, make sure your appliance service provider, or the one you are considering hiring, is a factory authorized service center for the manufacturer of your product. This adds to their credibility and business expertise. Dial Appliance Service is one of the best known and reputable service and repair company in New York.

If your gas cooktop won't ignite, flame is not even, burner valve is leaking gas or one of the heating elements on your electric cooktop is not heating, make the smart decision: Call Dial Appliance Service today for professional cooktop, range or oven repair. We serve clients in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and Surrounding Areas of New York City.

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